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Zoning and Entitlement Issues

Site Selection

Feasibility Analysis

Land Brokerage

Demand for new commercial space is cyclical. As vacancy rates move up and down, the feasibility of new land development changes. Demand for zoned commercial sites must be thoroughly analyzed before new development begins. Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services land specialists offer you the advantage of working with an experienced professional who has the information required to justify your future land acquisition or disposition decisions.

Our standards are exacting, and our specialists are ready to help, whatever your requirements:

  • Entitlement and zoning issues
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Site selection
  • Density studies and absorption analysis
  • Highway and transportation issues
  • Demographics studies
  • Off-site improvement proffers
  • Utility capacities and fees
  • Dealing with no growth and "Not In My Backyard" (NIMBY) activism

Successful land brokerage and subsequent development opportunities require the ability to anticipate market trends. In today's market, it is critical that Commercial Associates along with a Coldwell Banker Commercial office understand trends in job growth and shifting demographics in micro markets to accurately forecast the need for additional land development.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services land specialists can help you stay in front of the cyclical nature of land acquisition or disposition, and better understand when it would be best to buy, hold, develop or sell land.

When you work with Coldwell Banker Commercial Island Corporate Services to maximize the opportunities in land acquisition or disposition, you will find no better informed, no more experienced professionals. Let the collective years of local experience guide you as you move forward in the process.