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Ronkonkoma - Bohemia - Holbrook

Coldwell Banker Commercial Rosner & Associates provides office, industrial and warehouse space for tenants and landlords, sales, property management and consulting services to office, industrial and warehouse building owners and  investors and lenders doing business in the Ronkonkoma - Bohemia - Holbrook office, industrial and warehouse submarket in Islip and Brookhaven Townships, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York:

20.3M SF of Industrial / Warehouse Space in 831 Buildings
2.79M SF of Office Space in 159 Buildings

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Ronkonkoma Bohemia Holbrook Submarket Area MapThis major industrial and office submarket, delineated by the Long Island Expressway (Route 495) to the north, Nicolls Road (Route 97) to the east, Sunrise Highway (Route 27) and the Connetquot River State Park to the west, with Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 454) as the main thoroughfare, forms a major Long Island office submarket with over 20,347,000 SF of industrial / warehouse space in 831 buildings and  2,790,000 SF of office space in 159 buildings. This area is anchored by Long Island Islip MacArthur Airport; Long Island's largest regional airport. It provides regular scheduled service by Southwest Airlines and U.S. Airways to destinations throughout the United State and the Caribbean. It is the only airport in Suffolk or Nassau County with scheduled service on major airlines and serves over two million passengers a year.

As an ever expanding industrial, warehouse and office lease area, this submarket has a full range of free standing and multi-tenant industrial warehouse properties and Class A and B office space for any business looking to rent or buy. We can provide you the most up to date available listings on Veterans Memorial Highway near the Long Island Islip MacArthur Airport area

The surrounding area is comprised of residential communities including Bohemia, Islandia, Ronkonkoma, Bayport, Blue Point, Sayville, Bohemia, Islip Terrace, Holbook, Holtsville and Patchogue. 

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